CCI Breiding GmbH proudly announces the partnership with the Global Process Group, LLC.

Plants all over North America can now benefit from more than 30 years of Breiding know how in the field of heat- and wear-resistant foundry products. As many wear parts are standardized by the OEM’s and boilers get equipped by mass production from China, individual problems and regional phenomena are often simply ignored. To our mind, plants shouldn’t be left alone with their problems. All solutions are customized! We adapt the design and the material to the numerous influencing factors in the boiler/combustion chamber. Working with Breiding means “individual solutions become standard”.

GPG is located in Charleston (SC) – and all business is managed and channeled through GPG. Thus the availability, proximity and response time will be more appropriate. GPG will be face to the customer. Local demands can be taken into account. Enhancements will be developed in the triangle “customer – GPG – Breiding”. All solutions are “engineered in Germany” and follow German quality standards in the production of the wear parts.

You are interested in our solutions? Please use the contact form or reach:

Global Process Group, LLC
P.O. Box 20967
Charleston, SC 29423